January 27, 2016

Nest Protect Review



What is the Nest Protect? It is a CO / Smoke Detector that connects to the internet, your nest thermostat, and other nest protects.

Nest Protect has some features that other combo unit don’t. When do the batteries go dead in your smoke alarm? Always at 3:00am with that annoying beep every 30 seconds.
You have to get on a chair and fiddle around with the detector to pull it off its mount and remove the battery and then how many people actually get up the next day and
replace the unit and battery. Not too many people, it usually ends up sitting on a shelf for a few months. I know a person who actually smashed one with a hammer because
they could not get it to shut off in the middle of the night because they could not access the battery panel as people are usually not in a real good mood being woken out of
a sound sleep.

In comes the nest protect. It is really sensitive and knows if you are burning something in the oven to an actual fire and it knows the difference and will not send off an
alarm or it might just give a verbal warning that it has detected some smoke and even let you know when the smoke is clearing. Now if the alarm does go off and it’s not a
real fire all you have to do is wave your hands in front of the detector and it will shut off. Not only that it will alert you on your phone if your detectors go off and you
are not home. This is perfect for pet owners.

One of the three best features is the batteries, which last for 6 years, the pathlight feature will light the area when you pass near it, like getting up in the middle of
night to get a glass of water or letting your dog out, and every time you shut off the lights to go to bed a green ring will glow on the nest protect to let you know it’s
working properly.

The nest comes in two models and two colors. Thiee colors are black and white and it come in a wired and battery version. If you have a nest thermostat, the nest protects
will talk to thermostat and provide motion information of when you are away from home and will aid the nest thermostat in its auto away feature. The price tag on these are
$129 but I feel the features they include and well worth the money. Some people have asked what happens after 6 years, well the nest protect will let you know it is at the
end of its life and you will need to replace the unit. I am hoping in the future nest will have a recycle program to trade in old nest protects for new ones to save some

There has been several stories in the news lately of families who have perished because of no CO2 detector or having a faulty one. The stories are very tragic and could have
been different if there was an alarm to alert them to the problem. Even if you don’t feel the need for spending the money on the nest protect, you should purchase a CO
detector and make sure you test it every six months.

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