Most homes have smoke alarms in most every room of the house but how many homes have carbon monoxide detectors? A carbon monoxide detector can be the first defense in saving
your family and alerting you to a problem with your gas furnace and even a fireplace or stove venting issue.

Most gas furnaces release a small amount of carbon monoxide which is dissipated in the home. Carbon Monoxide is colorless and odorless, which makes it even more hazardous.

I personally have one in the hallway where my furnace is and it’s a dual smoke / carbon monoxide detector. Now normally you don’t have to worry about this during the summer
months because the furnace isn’t being used to heat but in Idaho some of us are still using their furnace or fireplace to heat their homes up to month of May. Most carbon
monoxide detectors will need to be replaced every 3-5 years. There is usually an indicator on the device that will tell you when it’s no longer working.

A qualified technician from Aardvark Heating and Cooling can check for carbon monoxide leakage in the air vents of your home, and does an additional pressure check, to look
for a crack or leak in the furnace’s heat exchanger which can cause a carbon monoxide leak. Anything over 4 parts per million indicated a problem with your unit.

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