Aardvark HVAC is now NEST certified for installations in Boise, Nampa and surrounding Treasure Valley areas.

Who needs a smart thermostat? You do. Why you ask? NEST is the most amazing thermostat I have ever got to use. I have installed hundreds of thermostats over the years and
none of them compare to the NEST. First of all it is easy to program, there is no fiddling with times and dates to figure things out and it can be done from the device or
from your phone. However the thing that sets NEST apart from the rest is that it learns your activities and comfort zones and knows when you leave to automatically save
energy. Everyone wants to save money.

Now with the NEST Protect which integrates into your NEST thermostat you can also keep your family safe with this unique fire and CO2 detector. More coming on the nest
protect in another article.

The NEST thermostat has saved me hundreds of dollars a year in bills and I am so impressed with the product that it has paid for itself already.

NEST is compatible with most home furnace and ac units and the NEST application is available for android and Apple IOS.

Also one of the bigger headlines is google just purchased NEST for 3 billion dollars and I feel that the technology will be getting better and better with this awesome

If you are looking to have a NEST thermostat installed in your home give me a call at 208-344-4863 today and get an estimate and setup an appointment.

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